07 April 2020 Dr ‘Ana ‘Akau’ola this morning confirmed that the Ministry of Health ordered two PCR Tests equipment from New Zealand to diagnose and test COVID-19 here in Tonga.

The first PCR Tests equipment and its testing kits are manufactures in the United Kingdom. It is expected to arrive in New Zealand on April 17, then get to Tonga by the end of April 2020.

This PCR Tests equipment worth NZD$47,000 dollars plus the costs of the testing kits. This equipment has the capacity to do 17 testings at once.

The Ministry’s Lab will use this equipment for screening of those who are diagnosed with the symptoms of COVID-19.

The second PCR Tests equipment worth NZD$90,000 dollars with a capacity of 96 testings at once. Fiji is currently using similar PCR tests equipment for COVID-19.

The second PCR Tests equipment is expected to arrive in Tonga on April 8, despite waiting for its initial testing kits (2,000) that were ordered from the United Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health will use this equipment for the confirmation of any diagnostic COVID-19 test and the testing of those who had the virus but claim to be fully recovered.

Furthermore, Tonga is expected to receive in the coming months a PCR Tests equipment including 3,000 testing kits offered from the World Health Organisation.

Dr ‘Ana ‘Akau’ola

Dr ‘Akau’ola stated that these PCR Tests equipment will allow them to diagnose the coronavirus faster by getting the result within 24 hours rather than waiting for 5 days to get the test result from overseas’ Lab.

That also helps our medical professionals to know right away if a patient has COVID-19 so that the rest can be aware of.

Thus, it left the Ministry with the concern for the setting up of the Lab to get to the standard required for COVID-19 testing.

At the moment, Tonga is getting the advice and assistance from the Lab Company in Melbourne Australia that the Ministry used so far. The financial contribution of the Government makes things easier for the Ministry.

Lastly, the overwhelming support from the Cabinet Ministers and the Members of Parliament encourage everyone to step up to the task of getting ready to combat COVID 19.


Kuo fakapapau’i mai he pongipongi aho ni ‘e he Toketa Pule, Dr ‘Ana ‘Akau’ola, ‘oku ‘amanaki ke tu’uta mai ‘a e ongo misini sivi COVID-19 (PCR TESTS EQUIPMENT) ‘aia kuo ‘osi fakatau ‘e he Potungaue mei Nu’usila.

Kuo fuofua misini PCR TESTS ‘oku ‘i he mahu’inga fakapa’anga koe NZD$47,000 tukukehe ‘a hono ngaahi me’asivi (testing kits) ‘aia ‘oku lolotonga ‘ota mei Pilitania.

Koe misini PCR ko ‘eni ‘oku ne malava kene fakahoko e fo’i sivi ‘e 17 ‘i he taimi pe taha pea ‘oku fakaangaanga e Potungaue ke ngaue’aki ia ki hono screening ‘e ni’ihi koia ‘oku fiema’u ke sivi COVID-19.

‘Oku ngaahi (manufacture) e misini PCR ko ‘eni ‘i Pilitania pea ‘e toki tu’uta hifo ki Nu’usila ‘i he ‘aho 17 ‘o ‘Epeleli pea ‘oku fakaangaanga ke tau mai ki Tonga ni he uike faka’osi ‘o ‘Epeleli ni.

Koe misini leva hono 2 PCR Tests Equipment na’e fakatau ia mei Nu’usila ‘i he mahu’inga koe NZD$90,000 pea ‘oku ‘amanaki ke tu’uta mai ia ki Tonga ni ‘i he uike ni ‘aho 8 ‘Epeleli ni.

‘Oku lolotonga ‘ota moe ngaahi me’a tesi (testing kits) ‘e 2,000 ‘o e misini ko ‘eni mei Pilitania pea ‘e toki malava pe ketau toki kamata ngaue’aki ‘oka a’u mai hono ngaahi me’a tesi.

‘Oku malava foki ‘e he misini PCR ia ko ‘eni kene fakahoko ‘a e fo’i tesi ‘e 96 ‘i he taimi pe ‘e taha. Koe kalasi misini PCR foki ‘eni ‘oku lolotonga ngaue’aki ‘e Fisi.

Pea ‘oku ‘amanaki ketau ngaue’aki ia ki hono tesi fakapapau’i ‘o ha ni’ihi ki he vailasi COVID-19 pe koe tesi ‘okinautolu kuo nau sai mei he vailasi ke fakapapau’i ‘oku ‘osi ‘aupito.

‘Oku ‘amanaki foki e Potungaue ‘e vave pe mo ha tu’uta mai moe misini sivi vailasi kolona mei he WHO fakataha moe ngaahi me’a tesi ‘e 3,000 ko ‘enau tokoni mai pe ki Tonga ni.

‘Oku fiema’u leva ke fokotu’utu’u maau ‘aupito ‘a e Lab ‘i Vaiola ke fe’unga moe tu’unga koia ‘oku fiema’u kiai kae lava ketau sivi fakalelei pe ‘i Tonga ni ‘a e COVID-19.

Pea ‘oku ngaue vaofi ai ‘e Potungaue pea moe Kautaha Lab ‘i Melipoane ‘Aositelelia ‘aia ‘oku fa’a ‘ave kiai ‘etau ngaahi sivi kenau fakataukei’i ‘etau Lab ke tau mateuteu ki he ngaue ko ‘eni.

‘Oku fakafiefia foki koe tokoni fakapa’anga ‘a e Pule’anga ke malava ai e ngaahi fiema’u moe teuteu atu ko ‘eni Potungaue ki he COVID-19.

Pehe foki ki he poupou kakato mei he kau Minisita kotoa pehe ki he kau Fakafofonga Falealea ‘o Tonga.

Talanoa mo e CEO 'o e Potungaue Mo'ui Dr. Siale 'Akau'ola

Fakataha e kau faiongoongo mo e CEO Potungaue Mo'ui Dr. Siale 'Akau'ola pehe kia Dr. Reynold 'Ofanoa pea mo Dr. 'Ana 'Akau'ola.

Ministry of Health Tonga 发布于 2020年4月6日周一
(Video Source: Ministry of Health)

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