Hon Dr ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu

23 May 2020 Tonga Minister of Health Hon Prof ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu elected as the Rapporteur for the World Health Organisation Executive Board.

She delivered an intervention yesterday by acknowledged the onsite financial and technical support by WHO to the Kingdom of Tonga.

A weekly information session, guidelines develop and information shared by the WHO headquarters which had adapted to the Tongan context. Also the procurement of items especially for testing kits and PPE.

Tonga remains COVID-free and we are working on a policy document for opening the border, restrict facilities-based quarantine, strengthening tracing case management and engaging the community, said the Minister.

Hon Tu’ipulotu reaffirmed that Tonga is taking this adversity as a moment to strengthen the Health System. The Ministry already established one community Health centre to become a COVID-19 treatment centre.

Tonga also strengthens the capacity of the Lab to be able to conduct PCR testing. The support of the Tongan community has been tremendous as they engaged and aware of a more infection prevention control including the hand washing

It was reported that there were only three positions at the WHO Executive Board that was elected in this meeting; Chairman, Vice-Chairman and the Rapporteurs.

Dr Harsh Vardnar (India) was elected as the Chairman and Ms Bjorn Kummel (Germany), Ms Volda Lawrence (Guyana), Dr Patrick Amoth (Kenya), and Dr Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi (Oman) as the Vice-Chairman. Hon Dr ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu elected as the Rapporteur.

WHO Executive Board at the United Nations consists of 34 members representing all 194 countries that members with the WHO.

Congratulation Hon Prof ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu and the Kingdom of Tonga.


Kuo fili ‘a e Minisita Mo’ui Hon Dr ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu ki he Poate Pule ‘a e Kautaha Mo’ui ‘a Mamani (WHO) ‘i he fakataha lahi hono #147 na’e fakahoko faka’initaneti ‘i he ‘aho 22 ‘o Me 2020. Na’e fiema’u ke fili he fakataha ni ‘a e lakanga Sea, kau Tokoni Sea pea moe memipa lipooti ‘o e Poate (Rapporteur). Na’e fili he fakataha ni ‘a Dr Harsh Vardnar (India) ko e Sea pea Tokoni Sea ‘a Ms Bjorn Kummel (Germany), Ms Volda Lawrence (Guyana), Dr Patrick Amoth (Kenya), Dr Ahmed Mohammed Al Saidi (Oman) pea fili leva ‘a e Minisita Mo’ui ki he Rapporteur. ‘Oku toko 34 ‘a e fakakatoa kau memipa ‘o e Poate Pule pea koe kau fakafofonga ia ki he ngaahi fonua memipa ‘e 194. Ko e tefito’i fatongia ‘o e Poate Pule ko hono fakahoko e ngaahi tu’utu’uni mo e fakahinohino ngaue mei he fakataha lahi ‘a mamani ki he mo’ui (World Health Assembly) pea mo fale’i mo tokangaekina e fatongia mo e ngaue ‘a e Kautaha Mo’ui ‘a Mamani.

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Hon Dr ‘Amelia Afuha’amango Tu’ipulotu – WHO Rapporteur